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Damn Shawty

This song is by Gucci Mane and appears on the album Trap House (2005).

Gucci finnaly made it niggas player hatin' when I hit the club I got twenty gs to play wit bitch I'm da brick man ballin lyk a rich man sippin on dis surp got me leanin lyk a kick stan organize dis pimpin' da center of attention laflare entertainment I'm playin' my position weigh it on da bitches holla at da bitches never workd for churches but I sold alota chickens gotta alota cheese so I do a little trickin bitch take dis lil money bitch and gone about ya bizness everyday is christmas everynight is valentines ten in new york nine alabama time moved to atl da whole east alanta mine billion dollar deal I signed on da dotted line gucci bout dat pimp shit lobster steak and shrimp shit big cat laflare you try you get ya wig split

Hook: damn shawty why you hatin' so hard cause my chain worth a mil or my rims to large dam shawty why you hatin' on me I see you mad 'cause I'm in da club throwin' up gs damn shawty you can get it like me sticks and stones break bones words motivate me

Verse 2 dey say my chain so cold and my watch too hot my ears on on bling pinky ring on fire twinkle twinkle see da star past by gucci mane ain't hot you a goddamn lie why ask why nigga know but try a case of crystal and a black 45 hoes in da club like who is dat guy drinkin' crystal throein money in the sky his fit so sharp and his rims so large wet paint job wit da automatic start semi aoutomatic if utry to play hard gucci mane montana from east atlanta diamonds in my chain same color bannanas

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