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Cocaine Heavenly

This song is by Gucci Mane.


Ya Boy:
Cocaine Heavenly
Pushing and Peddling
Money in the bank make dem bitches jump in the bed wit me
Diamonds on my neck got me glowin' don't I look heavenly
My rims 22 but my pockets look about 70
Baby you ain't heard I'm the hottest in California, no matter of fact I am the hottest nigga all over
Come into a kitchen (?) Betty Crocker
Nigga ask I'm around I'm a Bay Area God
Never been stabbed, shot, robbed, never been fried
Applaud when you see me
This is B.C.B. these bitches askin 'bout me make 'em wonder 'bout me like Stevie
They see me on the TV, Gucci jeans, DC
Rockstar tatted like a subway in DC
She got 'em B.C.B.G.
We sippin Louie 1 3
Live from the West "How you doooin"
It's YB

Straight up out the Golden State

Tattoos on my face
Catch a nigga slippin put him on the First 48
Sucka niggas known to hate
Quiet if you holdin' weight
Snitch went out of hidin'
Their talkin' will make you go away
Cut the crap, cut the check
They want a slice of my pie and I ain't even cut it yet
Sushi on the private jet
Goons all up on the deck
Lightin' up them choppers till they smokin' like ciggarettes
Touch ya like an IPhone, nigga this is my throne
Rappers takin' shots but they shootin wit they eyes closed
Black Jordan Fives wit the beamer got LeBron soft
Pinky ring, shinin chain, hangin' like a pine cone
Purple got my mind gone
(??) Got designs on
Flyer than the pilot, bitch I'm in anotha time zone
Do it like a (??) hata I'm gon' get my grind on
Diamond in the rough bitch (???)

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