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$100 Million Man

This song is by Gucci Mane.

The crowd in a rage, Gucci gettin' paid
Icey made yo girl throw her thong on the stage
Young Gucci Mane hottest nigga in da A
Sellin plenty Yae, movin 20 bricks a day
Used to have a 86 cut wit da T-top
Now I'm in a S-L-5 wit a top drop
To hot to handle, Ridin' down Conloe
Baby it's a kodak momment get yo Camera
Gucci Mane Laflare nigga damn what you say
Girls goin' crazy bout da nigga what da waves
Iced out chain and the fresh Cartiers
Voted best dressed ever since 8th grade
You don't really know us lam wit the doors up
Wrist so froze up, it a make you throw up
Mama imma be like Gucci when I grow up
Move big weight so I got money to throw up
Pimp tight nigga dead fresh with a Mink coat
Lookin' for a big booty bitch with a deep throat

I gotta 100 doller haircut,
A million dolla smile
I gotta trillon doller brain
Million dolla worth of game
Hoes goin' crazy bout dat nigga Gucci Mane
Same, sippin 58's an ain't a damn thang change!

Un! ain't a damn thang change
Hoes goin' crazy bout dat nigga Gucci Mane

Got a nine on the seat, shotgun in the trunk
Came to the club I was already drunk
Laid back young nigga never get crunk
But if you fine might trick a lil sumin

Chain 7 VVS you will think I'm UPS
'Cause I knock on yo door like I got yo address
Air fresh everyday nigga dats me,
Trash can hoes can't smoke my trees
Gucci MPMP pony my famile need me to bring groceries
I'm a 6 4 weed mike check night check
I ant seen a nigga out flow me yet
A Vet an a Vet ridin' through yo set
Wit 2 outta state bitches an a case of moet
A blond a brunette what we gone do next
Good sex good day they say imma good catch
Gucci mane Laflare don't fuck wit hood rats
Hit my blunt twice bitch an pass the blunt back

Un! ain't a damn thang change
Hoes goin' crazy bout dat nigga Gucci Mane

Brick man gucci Man nigga I'm the man
Yo baby mama told me that she my biggest fan
Say she got my poster hangin' on her wall
And she love every word every song that she heard
Sir, I catch hoes like a stool catch a turd
A school catch a Nerd like a child swag of nerve
Absurd wit these words wit these nouns 'n' these verbs
Kinda bir so I swerved my lil broads on the curve
Chill in the hood gettin' rich on the third
Watchin out for 12 cause the people observe
Imma burn one smoke one with the world
4 all the gucci fans gucci boys gucci girls

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