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You & I

This song is by Guardian and appears on the album Miracle Mile (1993).

You and I we belong together
say a prayer and make it last forever
When you need a friend to lean on
I'll be there
Winds of change bring the stormy weather
but in the end it only makes things better
You know I want to be your only one
I'll be there

I remember the day that I met you
my emotions were swept away
no other one has ever made me feel this way
We've grown...our love has grown
even when you're far away
my heart is not alone
When you hold me
I know that love is here to stay

You...You're the only one that's on my mind
darlin' can you feel it
You...girl you know our love is one of a kind
There's just one thing that I gotta tell ya
hear what I say

You...You're the only one that's on my mind
You bring me sunshine when my skies are gray
I'm telling the world that this love is here to stay

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