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Long Way Home

This song is by Guardian and appears on the album Miracle Mile (1993).

I was five years old
When they came and took my daddy away.
Momma said, "He'll be back home a year from today.
I know you're young but I hope you understand,
These are the kind of things that happen to a man."
... oooooh...
I see her talkin' but I can't hear nothing;
Sweet salvation cover me.

Take me where I long to be,
Pick up and carry me;
Oh, I need your love
It's such a long way home.
Even though I fall sometimes,
Nothing here can change my mind.
Lord, I need your love,
It's such a long way home.

Daddy cried,
"Boy you'd better come home right now.
Momma's gone,
Sickness took her down.
I know you're young,
But I hope you understand,
These are the kind of things that happen to a man."
... ooooh...
I see him talkin' but I don't hear nothin';
Lookin' round but I can't see.
I touch fear but I feel nothin';
Sweet salvation cover me.


All this pain locked up inside of me,
On my knees I prayed you'd set me free.
"I know you hurt,
But I really do understand;
I'm the one who held your pain when I became a man."
Speak to me so I hear something,
Turn my eyes so I can see.
You touch fear and I feel something,
Sweet salvation cover me.


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