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Dr. Jones & The Kings Of Rhythm

This song is by Guardian and appears on the album Miracle Mile (1993).

There's a place outside of Memphis
where I met the travelin' man
Preachin' on a wall of sound
built by his ragin' band
I saw a sparkle in his eye
when I asked him for his name
He said Dr. Jones is who I am
are you ready to play my game
I can take you to the mountain
but only heavens love can set you free

Dr. Jones & The Kings of Rhythm
Dr. Jones he's a rhythm king
Dr. Jones & The Kings of Rthythm
Tearin' darkness down with a ragin' swing

Townsfolk wouldn't hear the Doc
and they drove him out of town
He'd shake the dust right off his feet
and leave without a sound
But you know he spoke the truth to me
gave me reason to believe
Tell it round the whole wide world
I'll never be the same
Well he took me to the mountain
but it was heavens love that set me free

And he wonders if each trial
is really worth each dusty mile
Every night
he dreams right through the pain
He smiles
he knows he labors not in vain

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