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Never Born

This song is by Guano Apes and appears on the album Proud Like A God (1997).

Love is like a shelter
Brings me through the storm
Life is full of anger
Maybe I'm dead again now
Maybe there's life in me
So much stronger than the world gives it to me

Here's the deal, leave it or not
What a surprise, your baby's unborn

Nothing else is deeper
Nothing else is good
Noone cares about the blood in you
I see you through that all
I feel you through the wall
Save my child and I save...

I in me and you are here now
Hold it, save it, never let me down again

I don't feel the darkness
Don't feel anything
Pressure's lost and pressure's good with you
Don't move and don't hide secrets
Play hard, play alone
Move the soul without your own control

Nothing else is deeper...

I in me and you are here now...

What'cha sayin'...
Watch again....
Why you're here...
Noone cares...

I in me and you are here now...

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