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This song is by Gruesome and appears on the album Savage Land (2015).

Rising heaps of bodies,
Immolated dead
The hellish stench of corpses,
Burning black and red

Rituals to re-animate, gravestones bleed
Unholy initiate, demon seed

Enter realms of desolation
Accursed hellscape
Gouge out your eyes in desperation
You know there's no escape - no escape!

Corpses feed upon your flesh,
Haunting death - Gruesome
Drink the blood they now let flow,
Drag your soul below - Gruesome
Trapped in hell, in pain you cry,
Now you beg to die - Gruesome
Zombie masters you now serve,
In this hell on earth - Gruesome

Carved upon the altar,
Sacrifice by suicide
Hooks rend you to pieces,
A grisly way to die

Holy man hangs rotting,
A dark day dawns
Undead rise to sacrifice, the newly born

Cannibals surround you
Closing in for the feast
Body parts strewn all around you
Soon you'll be deceased - deceased!

Pages inked in human blood,
Evil conquers good - Gruesome
Armies of the dead command,
Blood flows though the land - Gruesome
Vomit from the rancid smell,
Controlled by evil spells - Gruesome
Staring at your severed head,
You are dead - Gruesome


Music by:

Matt Harvey

Lyrics by:

Matt Harvey

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