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Our Time

This song is by Group 1 Crew and appears on the album Ordinary Dreamers (2008).

Why they start the day, from distracting they come my way. before I get crazy, I gett' have our time
I wanna be close to you, so you can bring me back to the true. is that the only way I make me true, I better have our time.

I like the moment when you frize my clock, in the middle of the day. true walking the park, you let me know you can be a part from me cause you hold me deep in you hart

Our time to get the way
Your time to be alone with me
My time why I can hear you say
Everthing I need to get me true the day
Our time to bring me back to one
Your time to show me love
My time to learn how to trust 'cause I know that I need't so much

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