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This song is by Group 1 Crew and appears on the album Ordinary Dreamers (2008).

Lord can you forgive me for
The way that I have been
Bring this heart around to where it all began
I've been to blind to see the signs that you keep sending
So I'm ready, no more pretending.

Take my life, I need you now
Draw me closer draw me closer
I'm on my knees, I'm crying out
Draw me closer I want to be closer to you

I've traveled down so many roads that only brought me pain
And with every bridge I burned you could've turned away
But you never let me go your love is so incredible
So let it over flow

'Cause I'm too far, too far away God, You are You are the Way
I'm too far, too far away so I'm hanging on every single word You say
Oh Lord, I wanna be closer, take me over, take me over

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