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Severity Town

This song is by Grobschnitt and appears on the album Rockpommel's Land (1977).

Look at the morning's golden sun
Her warmth had melt away your fantasy dreams
Of Mr. GLEE prisoned in ROCKPOMMEL's LAND
Because he'd laughed and danced holding children's hands
Look Ernie where you are, forget about Mr. GLEE
You're just awoken on Maraboo's tree

Look at the morning's golden sun
Boiling the water kettle right on her head
Old Maraboo is warming morning due for you
Ain't it enough at least for this dream to be true

But Ernie said goodbye, to find Mr. GLEE
And Maraboo gave him a feather on his way downtree
On his way, his long, long way downtree

You, have you got any aim you could hang on a name
When you're chasing around, climbing trees up and down

See this sinister confusion around, little boy watch out
This cursed place works so graceless and so loud

(Hey, mach schneller du Ochse)

The Blackshirts have imprisoned Mr. GLEE 'cos he wants to be the children's friend
Run little Ernie, you're so young and so free
Let your faith and your feather lead you to ROCKPOMMEL's LAND

Ernie chased around and found the town gate
Where two Blackshirts were on guard
Their stoney heads looked so amazing and he laughed
That's why they tried to seize him
He skipped and struggled hard to get off
T'was a real mess around
And undesigned the Blackshirts touched his feather
Which froze in their frozen town

Announcements (spoken):

Little Ernie didn't believe his eyes when suddenly he was alone. Maraboo gave him a magic feather, which turned each Blackshirt into a stone.

Totally exhausted Ernie went off this severe place and followed a way leading to the mountains. Half an hour later he rested in the shade of a HOWARD JOHNSON's Where he began to consider whether he should turn around the record or have another hot dog...


Written by:

written by Grobschnitt

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