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Album by Grobschnitt.
  1. Ernie's Reise
  2. Severity Town
  3. Anywhere
  4. Rockpommel's Land
Bonus Track on the Remastered Edition (1998)
  1. Tontillon (instrumental)
Bonus Track on the 2007 Re-Release (2007)
  1. Rockpommel's Pott Püree (live)


  • Joachim Ehrig (Eroc) – drums, percussion, electronic effects, odd devicy brainwaves
  • Gerd-Otto Kühn (Lupo) – lead guitar, acoustic guitars, duck-bum-like background vocals
  • Volker Kahrs (Mist) – keyboards, basic cover paintings, theme and conception of the story
  • Wolfgang Jäger (Popo) – bass guitar, ardent advocate of the vegetable and other kingdoms
  • Stefan Danielak (Wildschwein) – lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, beer annihilation

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