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Dusk Till Dawn

This song is by Grits, features Britt Nicole and appears on the album Reiterate (2008).

From dusk to dawn, I just can't get enough of your love
Winter to fall, you got me falling
Morning to evneing, whether moonlight or sun shining, 365
You're my spring
From dusk to dawn

I done been love, been in love, out and back again
Friends with benefits, love that's limited
Love that ain't love, it's lust unlimited
Very infatuated, overly saturated
Love so deep, I was literally captivated
Love that overrated, emotions she demonstrated
Penetrated hate with love, imitated hate in love
And it grew more complicated
Sun going down, breeze blowing cold
Degrees getting deeper, summer getting old
My spring thing soon became an annual queen
'Cause I seen things better, esteemed to things better
My team is deemed greater, in tune with my creator
'Cause love sings a song the world can heal from
See the light -- 'cause the way that we raise em
Teach 'em nothing in this life besides Christ can save them
I see the storm in the midst, feel the breeze blowing leaves
Feel the cold through my jeans, catchup (catchup)
These things that we face sometimes
Replace these dreams that we make sometimes

From dusk to dawn, I just can't get enough of your love
Winter to fall, you got me falling
Morning to evening, whether moonlight or sun rising, 365

We all go through so many changes, dealing with a lot of different things

A potent concoction, was the best option
The voice of choice often, to better the situation, by any means
Y'all are so obvious, too oblivious, far from chivalrous
Me and the Divines find nature to deliver us
From dusk to dawn,_______, to bleed for our sins
And, in turn, bless the sheep that eat from our hands
Thoughts of immortal man
Seeming like the blockates are too huge but when you touch 'em
Doors are really thin
I'm poisoned with a pin
Oh Lord, it's sorta clutched,
Opposing much
And Battling the demons that's within
Too many to name
A leading to sources
Pledging allegiance to Ephesians
Gone, to the mercy of corks
It hurts _______
Deviates focusing on the God who got us these gifts
So that the odyssey sits
Instead of blowing the minds of mankind
That's where we come in and perfectly fit
It's to the earth that we stick
The Blueprint was______
And be around until we______
Gravity settles in and happens to_____
Breaks_______ sticks
And like a circle with licks we're worn down
Fortresses have been torn down
That's what's up
Pardon, that's what going down
Cold rain has it snowing now
The Sun sets on the one getting the bigger picture
Knowing how to hold it down.

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