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This song is by Grinspoon and appears on the EP Licker Bottle Cozy (1996).

Another revolution on your mind
Fast quick get into the cab
Sell her on the telephone line

Mud sticks
Sitting in the pigpen
Sitting in the pigpen
Staring at the ground
Living in the pigpen

When you're there we'll start to stuff around
Cocksuck better watch your language
Trying to go get our wagers on the ground
I'm free, now that I've got freedom

Sitting in the pigpen
Laughing all around
Living in the pigpen
You're stuck in the ground
Stuck in the ground

Wishing you'd had known about it then
Drink up, thinking of the asshole
Firestarter flies up ahead
I know, better than a way down

Sitting in the pigpen
Staring at the ground
Living in the pigpen.

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