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Make It Happen

This song is by Grinspoon and appears on the album New Detention (2002).

You used to work at TJ's
{does it make you slimmer}
now you've got credit these days
Maybe im wrong, it doesnt make it right
Maybe im dumb can you hold up the light
cant seem to breate its getting cold inside
you sold it all inside a satellite

but if your soul runs out of fight
can you guess what happens?
cuz your the only one in sight that coulda made it happen
whatever gets you through the night
can you make it happen??

{thats it dont point the blame}
adds up to dissapointment,

thats got a case to answer oh

you may be right but i was totally wrong
nothing will shock but with the stone and wand
i never knew that you could only hold
everythings dark inside this room alone

just cuz you were never right
you sold your soul for a staellite,
and all your friends that you used to love,
have got around town on what you know

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