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Power Word Kill

This song is by GrimSkunk and appears on the compilation album Grim Skunk Plays... Fatal Illness If We Had Brains We'd Eat Them! (2001).

Just have to say a single word
And fear has struck all over the world
The leaders know where to hide
We just shit and wait to die

Power word kill
It's the government's will
To end the human race
From a nuclear base

Nowhere to run nowhere to hide
World war 3 we all die
Have to try to survive
Have to protect our own lives

They're planning final termination
It's plan 9 contamination
I don't know what they fight about
But I'm sweating, I'm shaking
I'm freaking out

I fear death
The sickness and the pain
Evil minds at work
Ending all that we've done
End the arms race
Not the human race
I want to live my life
I don't want to die

Religious warpigs scaring me
I feel like I'm not free
Maybe hell's not as bad as here
But it's still death I fear

Power word kill
It's the government's will
To end your puny race
With nuclear warheads way
Out in the deep depths of space

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