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No More Life

This song is by GrimSkunk and appears on the compilation album Grim Skunk Plays... Fatal Illness If We Had Brains We'd Eat Them! (2001).

Deep in the heart of the tomb of the lich
Grows a black necromantic power
Within the walls of the monster's mind
Plan 9 is forged to destroy mankind

Why do the living disturb the sleep of the dead?

At your last living moment Death comes for you
Gives you a choice what will you do?
Rest in peace inside your grave
While your soul burns in hell, devil's slave

Your choice is that or the venomed knife
The blade which offers you eternal life
You'll rise the murder evil undead
Crush all life power to the dead

Arator, Lapidator, Tentator, Somniator,
Ductor, Comestor, Devorator, Seductor,
Vos ommes socii et ministri odii
Semineratores discordioe
Qui libenter talia opera facitis et per
Tractatis, et quia non est necasse vos conjurare,
Ideo rogo et deprecor vos quatenus admistretis
Et consacretis Imaginem istam, ut odium faciat inter talem.

Rise, rise, destroy, destroy, seek revenge my revenge
Mine, all mine, yes, yes, yes, I have triumphed,
There is no more life

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