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Faces On You

This song is by GrimSkunk and appears on the compilation album Grim Skunk Plays... Fatal Illness If We Had Brains We'd Eat Them! (2001).

The faces on you
And the things that you do
Yeah girl you got me feeling so blue
Like bad time rolling over my left shoe
You know it hurts me so deep
When you can't be true

Your attitude, it ain't so hot you know
Telling me you don't care
That I ain't your friend
And that this is the end

I guess it's all right, I guess I'll be O.K.
You know I got used to it
You know I got bruised from it [x2]

The faces on you
They ain't for me this time
To say goodbye
Lord at least I tried
Hey, I'm surprised I didn't die

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