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Dead Mutant

This song is by GrimSkunk and appears on the compilation album Grim Skunk Plays... Fatal Illness If We Had Brains We'd Eat Them! (2001).

Only good mutant is a dead one
If it's alive the threat must die
Mutants slayed by the haunted ones
I'm gonna start a fuckin' war
After which they'll be no more

Fucking creatures on the loose
Trigger the unholy power
Which mutant deaths satisfy
The hate in must go
Dead mutant funerals will grow

The race has a flaw, I hope that you know
I see it everywhere that I fucking go!
Ugly mutants trying to piss on me
I wish they all die and let me be

Dead mutant, no one can save
Send it back to it's fuckin' grave

Stab them through the heart
Rest in peace
Once they're all dead...

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