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I Remember (It’s Happening Again)

This song is by Griffin House and appears on the album Flying Upside Down (2007).

Well my grandpa fought in World War 2, my uncle fought in Nam.
My father was too young he went to school and met my mom.
He heard Dad always told us stories around dinner time.
And there's one he told when I was young that sticks out in my mind.
He said ten years after daddy taught me about the birds and bees.
I was stranded in Pearl Harbor fighting off the Japanese.
When the kamikaze pilots came and dove in without warning.
I was on the Arizona on a warm December morning.

I remember when I was a younger man.
We were soldiers fighting in a foreign land.
Now I'm older, and it's happening again.

And it was hard to have forgiveness for the things they did that day.
And our president decided we should make their people pay.
So we dropped on Nagasaki and we cut 'em down to size.
And the one we dropped on Hiroshima left them vaporized.
I heard some Christians say, what would Jesus do?
What if you were on the wrong side, would he point the gun at you.
And they read through every word of Matthew, Mark, and Luke, and John
So they could see if killing was the side that Christ was on.

And they separate the Church and State and keep God out of schools.
So our governments can educate based upon their rules.
The people start to wonder if our politics makes sense.
When religion is our best excuse for national defence.
And when our citizens start saying that our wars are not ok.
And Washington keeps telling them God loves the USA.
And they teach us history so we can learn from our mistakes.
And this generation wants to know how many years it takes.

To change the way we treat our neighbors all across the land.
'Cause if we don't change our hearts we repeat the past again.

My grandpa finished talking we went walking he and I.
I was thinking about the future and how I was scared to die.
Now my best friends' over seas in the desert where it's dry.
Fighting for our country and I need a reason why.

I remember when he was a younger man.
Now he's a soldier, fighting in foreign land.
Now were older, God bring him home again.

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