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Crazy Ways

This song is by Griffin Anthony.

Scrap the car- won't crash no more.
Pitfalls to fits no more leaks nor drips
And the blood-flow; puddles run dry-
Time to re-stitch the insides...

I know I talk some- but what I spit's legit
A rhyme to one may speak truths to some.
A trap is set- here comes the net,
Then I, break out (break out like a criminal)

Use my warmth and nestle real close
But you just might be sparing with a ghost
A ghost of now, a ghost of past-
Ghost that just might land you on your ass.
So speak your mind, let it rain with words-
Echoes that bounce and tenor that stir-
The mouths of those who do retreat,
With confidence you can compete...

Take me with my crazy ways...
Jump out the box and catch a ride on my train...

Take me with my crazy ways...
Cause' I'm never gonna stop, never gonna stop, not gonna draw the line- today...

So I pitch a plan- I pack it up real tight.
I reap to sow those words I write
From pen to page my dreams imbue
An inner glue that holds so true-
The things in me that let me see,
The things in those that live fakely.
And without a doubt- with just one breath,
I'll flex your mind- I'll take it to the test...

You can be so sure that I'll show you... oh I'll show you how I feel.
Come on and jump right in...

(Extended ending)

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