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​Trinitian Damnation

This song is by Grief Of Emerald and appears on the album Nightspawn (1998).

By feebles breeding, spawned
An image, sacred dog
Nazarene -die

With the clash of the sun it begins
As earth drowns in virtueless sins
Sermons are useless, belief burns in brimstone flames
Flamefeeding heaven till nothing but ashes remain

Everlasting Christ damnation
Scatter his sheep in blasphemation
Glorify arts of infidel
...And trinity shall burn in hell

Come fourth
Troops of the banished angel
And earth shall be hell evermore

Come fourth

Troops of the banished angel
And the realm of heaven is ruins

Invoking the fire immolation from above
Feeding the flames with the dogmas of god

Bloodstain the altar with jugular whine from heaven

The dark age has begun, lasting forever

Lucifer -rise