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Psych Eval

This song is by Greydon Square and appears on the album The Compton Effect (2007).

Guy: "Mr. Collins?"
Greydon: "Yeah that's me."
Guy: "Welcome to my practice (?), come on back (?).
Go ahead and have a seat. So tell me, what seems to be the problem?"
Geydon: "Well, the problem is I don't feel like I have an outlet anymore.
Like, I don't have any reason, to do this. I sit at the keyboard and feel lost."

But then when I strike a key, everything opens
I'm not joking, I've literally left my computer smokin'
But then I hit the cord D minor
Music is my woman and I feel like it's my job to find her
Not for her vagina, but for what is inside her
This is my heart, my soul, I would never deny her
A graceful (?) speed, a wrong (?) place to breathe
The beautiful sounds she makes when makin' me
Agreed upon the keys
And as I play I start imaginin' things
And while imagining things I start rambling things
Mostly gibberish first
But I hope I gather long enough just to spit up a verse
But wait, focus, focus on the music
Because without that ingredient the verse is gon' be useless
So before you know it I've added some hats
But just to be different I'm not gonna use no snare on this track
So then I add some strings, yeah
I think I know exacaly what this track needs
How 'bout some flutes, but I don't wanna over-do it
So long as it sounds good I'm tellin' the truth
This is the formula I use when I stand in the booth
To precisely execute like I do in my room
With realistic lyrics to boot
And I may be young but I guarantee you these lyrics are true
But I should be able to control 'em at least
I feel like a beast, I think I need my medication increased
What'chyou think?

Guy: "Okay Mr. Collins, we're going to increase your existing prescription of Abilify to 90 milligrams. I'll see you in three weeks for another eval."

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