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The Brick

This song is by Grey DeLisle and appears on the album The Small Time (2000).

If I came home wasted every night
Woke you up just to pick a fight
And hadn't cracked a smile in thirteen years
If I called your mama nasty names
Referred to you as my ball and chain
And stole your truck and drove your friends to tears

If I burned up all your dancing shoes
And laughed out loud while you sang the blues
And told your sister that you wished her dead
If I had a kid by someone else
Said I'd rather burn in hell
Than sleep without my lover in your bed

With the brick in my hand
I try to understand
Just what makes you a fool for their hate
But I just couldn't throw it
Cause darling you know it
Goodness is my lonely fate

I can't do the thing that makes you cry
Or run around with another guy
Or key your paint, or make your good years bleed
I can't make you the feel the thing for me
Miss congeniality
But if your fear was something I could feed

Would you love me then
If I was the worst I'd ever been
Would you hold me sweet and tight
And tell me over and again
Would you love me then
I wouldn't know how to begin
To be as cruel and evil hearted
As those girls you call your friends
But if I could
Would you love me then

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