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Home Wrecker

This song is by Grey DeLisle and appears on the album Homewrecker (2002) and on the live album Bootlegger, Vol. 1 (2003).

When I was just an itty bitty girl
I had me a hound dog, he was my world
And we'd play, playing all the day
Then you come around and that hound dog went away

I got a little bigger, got me a boy
That sweet old boy was my one true joy
And we'd sway, swaying night and day
Then you come around and that sweet boy went away

Now I'm a woman, I got me a man
I'm just about to get me a wedding band
And I'm glad you're staying far away
Ain't no homewrecker gonna ruin my wedding day

Yeah, you've always been a homewrecker
You'd think by now I would've known better
You're just a devil in a tight sweater
Ain't nothing but a homewrecker

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