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Beautiful Mistake

This song is by Grey DeLisle and appears on the album Homewrecker (2002).

The only time I fell in love with anyone
Was Christmas eve at Saint Anne's home for girls
After twenty seven hours of hell the worst of it was done
And a tiny piece of heaven graced my world

Kicked out of beauty school and drinking to forget
I couldn't even keep a stray dog fed
Dreamed of heading down to Nashville writing songs to pay the rent
And I'm only headed straight down here instead

The only song I ever finished to this day
A mother's love I tried my damndest to convey
Hoping the words would help you understand someday
I stitched them to the quilt that came to carry you away

On a sleepless night a ghost appeared on my TV
My face before the whiskey and heartbreak
Your sweet young voice put music to the pages of my story
You sang a ballad called the beautiful mistake

The most beautiful mistake I ever got to make was you
Beautiful mistake, beautiful mistake
So live the happy ever after that your mama never knew
The most beautiful mistake I ever got to make was you

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