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Border Of Misty Times (1996)Edit

Grenouer - Border of Misty Times
Border of Misty Times
  1. Intro: SinHisteria
  2. Faces Of Death
  3. Ahriman's Heart
  4. Postnatal Depression
  5. When Madness Rules
  6. Wakening Of Lords
  7. Songster Of Humanity's Dawn
  8. A Memorable Fancy

Gravehead (1999)Edit

Grenouer - Gravehead
  1. Intro
  2. The Time Spool
  3. Down Under Dome Of Heaven
  4. Conversing The Dolt
  5. King's Ebony Blade
  6. Predominant Nature
  7. The Riddle Of Steel
  8. Alone In The Dark
  9. Salt Of Mayhem
  10. Mystery

The Odour O'Folly (2001)Edit

Grenouer - The Odour O'Folly
The Odour O'Folly
  1. Your Beast Tonight
  2. Confident
  3. Stabbed By Touch
  4. Soulhunters (Spiritual Archers)
  5. Skittle Man
  6. Death Ought To Wait For Me
  7. In-Sect
  8. Take On Me
  9. Mind Ruins

Presence With War (2004)Edit

Grenouer - Presence With War
Presence With War
  1. Mercenary Fields
  2. Sex Optica
  3. The Choice Of Flesh
  4. The Last Bullet Magic
  5. Crash Crash Crash
  6. Clonetwigs
  7. Sheitan
  8. Communist Skinhead
  9. A Farewell To Arms

Try (2007)Edit

Grenouer - Try
  1. Intro: Verified
  2. Devil's Eye
  3. Open Up Entrails
  4. A Passage In The Sky
  5. All Along The Runway
  6. Powdering Squeeze
  7. Wanting To Be Alone
  8. The Message
  9. Shut My Eyes

Lifelong Days (2008)Edit

Grenouer - Lifelong Days
Lifelong Days
  1. Indecent Loyalty
  2. Addicted To You
  3. Taken Off The List
  4. With No Concern
  5. Away From Now
  6. Finding The One
  7. Off the Back Of Others
  8. The Unexpected
  9. Employed Beggar
  10. Re-Active
  11. Patience

Blood On The Face (2013)Edit

Grenouer - Blood On The Face
Blood On The Face
  1. Intro: Thunder Phase
  2. Blood On The Face
  3. Sands Of Silence
  4. Midday Show
  5. Golden Years
  6. Rejected
  7. Fix Your Life / A Few Miles From Paradise
  8. The Taste Of Misery
  9. Brain Fever
  10. See No Sun
  11. Last Stop
  12. All In The Suit That You Wear

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