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Hate This

This song is by Grendel and appears on the album Harsh Generation (2007).

- How the fuck are you gonna make me feel better?

- Don't yell at me!

- "Don't yell at you?" You fucking egotistical bitch!
You come here with this fucking self-righteous shit
You gonna find some words in that book that are gonna make me feel better?
Gonna make everything alright?

Suck on this!

I need to break away
From all the words you say
From all the deeds you've done
From all the faith you break

I need to get away
From all the time you waste
From all the rage you bring
From all the hope you take

This is a part of me
So deep inside of me
Engines fueled by your scorn
I want you to hate this

Hate this
You motherfucker!
Hate this
You know who I am?
Hate this
You motherfucker
Hate this
Hate this

You think you know about hate?
You think you know about anger, motherfucker?

Suck on this!
Suck on this!
Suck on it, how's that feel?

I hate you!

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