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Water (2010)Edit

Gregory Porter - Water
  1. Illusion
  2. Pretty
  3. Magic Cup
  4. Skylark
  5. Black Nile
  6. Wisdom
  7. 1960 What?
  8. But Beautiful
  9. Lonely One
  10. Water
  11. Feeling Good

Be Good (2012)Edit

Gregory Porter - Be Good
Be Good
  1. Painted On Canvas
  2. Be Good (Lion's Song)
  3. On My Way to Harlem
  4. Real Good Hands
  5. The Way You Want to Live
  6. When Did You Learn
  7. Imitation of Life
  8. Mother's Song
  9. Our Love
  10. Bling Bling
  11. Work Song
  12. God Bless the Child

Liquid Spirit (2013)Edit

Gregory Porter - Liquid Spirit
Liquid Spirit
  1. No Love Dying
  2. Liquid Spirit
  3. Lonesome Lover
  4. Water Under Bridges
  5. Hey Laura
  6. Musical Genocide
  7. Wolfcry
  8. Free
  9. Brown Grass
  10. Wind Song
  11. The "In" Crowd
  12. Movin'
  13. When Love Was King
  14. I Fall in Love Too Easily

Take Me to the Alley (2016)Edit

Gregory Porter - Take Me to the Alley
Take Me to the Alley
  1. Holding On
  2. Don't Lose Your Steam
  3. Take Me to the Alley
  4. Day Dream
  5. Consequence of Love
  6. In Fashion
  7. More Than a Woman
  8. In Heaven
  9. Insanity
  10. Don't Be a Fool
  11. Fan the Flames
  12. French African Queen

Songs on CompilationsEdit

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  • 1998-present
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