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This song is by Gregory Brock.

ShePicture a girl who could tear your whole world at the seamsYet a glimpse in her eyes and you've realized all of yourDreamsShe's sweet as strawberry pieBut then she'll make you want to cryBut it's innocence that she reveals when you just look and seeShe's from heaven aboveShe's your flesh and bloodHow d'you explain just why everything's changed so soon?
'Cause nothing compares to the way that she lights up the roomYou've thrown away all of the thingsthings
That you thought 'joy' would bringAnd nothing else matters as much anymore to youJust when you thought that you'd figured her out ? think again
'Cause every day she's a bit older and wiser and then -She tells you the way you should goThings that you already knowIt's simply profound and astoundingly brand new againMusic and lyrics by
-Gregory brock