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In My Eyes

This song is by Greg Raposo and appears on the album Greg Raposo (2003).

With the smile of an angel
You walked into my heart
I took one look at you
And I felt it from the Start

We're almost meant to be
And I know that you care for me
Lets not rush the time
You know I'm yours
And I know you're mine

Cuz I want something real
And I want it to be true
Don't you say the words I Love You
I love the way you feel
And I love the things you do
But I can't say that I love you too

But you and me we can make it be
If we just give it some time
You know me so I know you can see
That the love is in my eyes

Words are so fake
Don't make the mistake of letting your heart break
Eyes can't disguise when they're sad they cry
When you lie they're shy

Don't tell me how you feel
Just show me how you do
I'll make it so you can't mistake it
I feel the same way too

Cuz we've got time to spend
It's not the end so don't you pretend
with words like I Love You


And I know in time we could have
That title that makes you mine
But I don't need that
Cuz I can see that
It's in your eyes

(Chorus 2x)

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