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This song is by Greenwheel and appears on the album Soma Holiday (2002).

You don't see
You never have, you never will
What do you believe
These images are unforgiving
Jealousy always running through your veins
You cannot breathe
Here's your witness everything's not right
No everything's not right
Where did you go
You forgot about all you've left behind
It's all on the table
Still you wonder why,yea you wonder why
You can't hurt any more
Your emotions just can't be seen in light
You're lost in here,lost in here
You just disappear
You just disappear

You deny the pain that overcomes deep inside
You've kept it there too long
Grayest skies, answers bleeding through
Sunlight, cast its shadows over all

No everything's not right
No everything's not right
No everything's not right
No everything's not right
(You're just lost in herex3)
You just disappear

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