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Green River
This song is performed by Green River and appears on the album Dry As A Bone (1987).
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I've crushed a thousand ants
And I've flushed a hundred spiders
I didn't even know their names
I never let it bother me

Dead bugs on the sole of my shoes
Dead bugs clog the drain
What's dead is now long forgotten
I never let it bother me

No memories of anything, no feeling
No memory of anything, no pain

Blood rain stains my shirt
Blood rain blackens my heart
A thousand bloody faces crack my mind

What's done is done
It just always was
What's done is lost in memory
I never let it bother me
I never let it bother me

Written by:

Jeff Ament / Mark Arm Wikipedia16 / Bruce Fairweather Wikipedia16 / Stone Gossard / Alex Vincent Wikipedia16

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