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10,000 Things

This song is by Green River and appears on the album Deep Six (1986).

Original video

Crawling through, darkness streaks
10,000 things chasing me
I could've screamed, I could've died
But nothing was happening right
Happening right

Looking for sleep to clear my head
10,000 things movin' under my bed
I never felt it so strong before
10,000 whole things, maybe more

Oh, uh

Twist and shout, twist and squirm
10,000 things playing with one worm
Twist and shit, twist and squirm
10,000 things playing with one worm

Saying burn baby burn
And all that you've learned
They gotta hook in you, a hook in me
Together we're fishing for misery

Ow! Oh!

10,000 things crawling out my arm
Mother says they'll do no harm
I've seen what they've done to mom and dad
And I don't wanna end up like that, no

Written by:

Jeff Ament / Mark Arm Wikipedia16 / Bruce Fairweather Wikipedia16 / Stone Gossard

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