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​A Year An Expectation A Scar

This song is by Green Park Bench.

It's been a year now. science I've seen u. but don't think I'm asking 4
Another chance I don't plan on you asking 4 me bak I just want to end
This war. I just want to hurt no more.

For the end of heartache it seems that there is just 1 way just one way
2 4get about u.

(Very long but kick ass interlude)

The self mutilation is killing you its killing me it killing the only thing that's
Close to me ur insanity wont let me be, if you could see then you could be
The samiritan that sets me free
(Little interlude)

The scars on my arm r lines that I drew to keep away from society
2 keep away from u. ur face is haunting me but it keeps me company
Razorblades have shown me the key to reality

My pain is ur life, my scars r ur fault, my love is ur hate, these
Wounds r our fate