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Soothe Me

This song is by Green Lizard and appears on the album Newborn (2002).

My heart is bumping
As I'm jumping
Cos I'm out of control
I got to bring myself down
Before it swallows me whole
My lights are blinking
As I'm sinking
In the bottoms of you
Can't catch my breath
Around this bed
My time runs out
My heart explodes
Cos I'm in overload for too long
No turning back of your adrenaline
My straight to a wall
Still in the depths of my mind
I hear my conscious call

Soothe me 4x

You keep pretending that I'm banding
And I don't have a clue
My rage is feeding
As I'm bleeding
And the sickness that's you
I had enough for claustromauph
It's time to go to the roof
It's way too late to play it safe
It's time to face the truth
My time runs out
So I won't fuck around for too long
My eyes are burning
While I'm dragging myself
Into the heat
Whish I could leave you alone
But you keep bagging from it

Soothe me 4x

Take this gun from my hand
Destroy the sickness I am 2x

Get out get out get out get out'

Take this gun from my hand
Destroy the sickness I am 4x

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