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Maybe Someday

This song is by Great White and appears on the album Psycho City (1992).

Well I've been drifting alone in the night
I've had the blues for you so long
I've been down, I've been confused
Searching for an answer, baby, one that I can use

Lying here in the morning light
Promises fade like the dreams of the night
My old love you don't come no more
Bring me loving, baby, like you did before

Was it the time?
Was it someone on your mind?
Was it love just for a while?

Maybe some day when the hurting is gone
Baby, some way love will stay on
Maybe some day we will do no wrong
I know we can make it all right, babe, if we try
Maybe some day

I've been thinking, darling, of all the times before
When I needed loving why did it walk right out the door?
Do I hold you too hard, baby, jealous you don't stay?
I guess that's loving you, darling, I know no other way

Is it the time?
Is there someone on my mind?
Is it love once in a while?

Maybe some day the need will be gone
Maybe some way I'll find to move on
Baby some day there's a way to belong
Maybe I'll find it today, baby, our way
Maybe some day
Baby, some day

Written by:

Lardie, Niven, Russell

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