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I Want You

This song is by Great White and appears on the album Psycho City (1992).

I don't want the rap that you're laying, don't give me no abuse
I don't want no motor mouth jiving another lame excuse
I don't want my head to keep saying, baby, what's the use?
I don't want no patter no way, I want you

I don't want no momma san praying, to strip me to the bone
I don't want no hustle today, leave my vibe alone
I don't want to worry about nothing, there's nothing I must own
I don't want to deal that way, I want you

I love loving, loving is fine
Why no love? Why waste your time?
Got to give it some way, can you hold out alone?
Just a little loving, it's all right, let it go

I don't want another dog making another big pretence
I don't want to be brought down on a capital offence
I don't want no pressure drop, baby, don't make it so intense
I don't want no promise no way, I want you

It's only loving, baby, get it back down the road
Yes, it comes back like a magic mother load
Make a loving man, make him know it's all right
That giving love going to get us through the night

I don't want the song you keep playing, all lovers are insane
I don't want my heart to be breaking, I want you
I don't want the trouble of loving and here it comes again
I don't want the game you like playing, I want you

Written by:

Kendall, Lardie, Niven, Russell

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