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Thorn In My Side

This song is by Great Bloomers.

Pushin' out the thorns
Lettin' in the sun
Try to struggle free
Of your gravity
Measured our time in cigarette stains
And our teeth are callused with thick layers of milk

Make no mistake about it
Everybody needs someone
To help take on the winter

I hear a new year

I prattle on
I'm so far gone
I should just save my breath
But I have no use for the rest
I've spoken my mind
And now I can resign

Spent our time

Like a couple of dimes
For what it's worth
It worked out just fine

Maybe I'm just tired
And where'd all my friends go, who knows
I'm all alone in the house
I found your beauty in so long ago
But where'd that sweet girl go, who knows

I hear a new year

Where's that spark hiding

I hear a new year

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