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​The Last Of My Faith

This song is by Great Bloomers.

You can pick me up in front of my home
I'll be standing there in a black coat
By a telephone pole
I'll wave you down
If you can't see me
'Cause I've seen your face before
I've seen your car before
I recognize the dent in your passenger door
Yeah, I've seen this all before
But you've never taken this long
I've never waited so long

I called you on your cellular phone but it was off
So I walked by your house but all the lights were off
So I left

This was the last time I'd wait for you

Then the night time came and I snuck out my basement door again
I kept the last of my faith wrapped in blankets gently laid in my fireplace
I fell asleep once more leant against a telephone pole
And I couldn't help but dream, of sleeping soundly between my bed sheets

How could I ever face you again
I've lost another good friend
That was the last time I'd wait for you