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Admit Defeat

This song is by Great Bloomers.

Every drop of rain on my tongue
Slips and drips a different tune
Pots and pans that clamor
Through the doorway to your patient room
Elephants in every corner
Smitten by the way you move
Writhe from any pang of disenchantment that I stir in you

Push away the beams of morning
Paralyzed by pleasures unknown
Secret lovers in their fashions
Waste their time all alone

Oh, the march we made along the streets
Set ablaze our orphan eyes with little pine leaves
We all bear a similar stature
Feeling lighter laying on the concrete

Oh, my heedless voice
Be softer still

If there's anything you haven't destroyed
There'll be time to rejoice

Every day that stumbles by
I throw away like a paper plane
Into a dark black cloud where
Hope is sparse and lightning reigns
If we ever make it through
I swear to you, I'll guide us home
To a nest of sheets and springs
Where lovers never sleep alone

Oh, my heavy heart
Find another reason to beat
If I can't find comfort here
I'll leave you and admit defeat

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