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My Apology

This song is by Great Big Sea and appears on the album Play (1997).

It's not the way that I intended this
I didn't realize how much I would miss
But with every parting of our company
I hate to think what it has done to me

It didn't seem
That I was sorry
This has to be
My Apology

When cruelty comes with blind indifference
My humanity becomes the best defence
But if you consider the alternative
I really didn't have that much to give

It didn't seem
That I was sorry
This has to be
My apology

A tragic victim of my circumstance
Never give the devil a second chance
If you do, you know that you can never win
Probably best to forget and begin again

Can't you see
That I am sorry
This has to be
My Apology
My Apology
My Apology

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