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Graziano Romani (1993)Edit

Graziano Romani - Graziano Romani

Graziano Romani

  1. Adios
  2. Cuore, Corpo Ed Anima
  3. Da Che Parte Stai
  4. Giochiamoci Tutto
  5. C'è Bisogno Di Un Sogno
  6. Grida Al Cielo
  7. Polaroid
  8. Sdraiati Su Di Me
  9. Amore Senza Pietà (Straight From The Heart)
  10. Mescalero

Soul Crusader: The Songs of Bruce Springsteen (2001)Edit

Graziano Romani - Soul Crusader- The Songs of Bruce Springsteen

Soul Crusader: The Songs of Bruce Springsteen

  1. Don't Back Down
  2. Streets of Fire
  3. Soul Driver
  4. Jesse
  5. Drive All Night
  6. Leap of Faith
  7. Point Blank
  8. Walk Like a Man
  9. All I Need
  10. The Way
  11. None but the Brave
  12. My Beautiful Reward
  13. Night

Storie dalla via Emilia (2001)Edit

Graziano Romani - Storie dalla via Emilia

Storie dalla via Emilia

  1. Una Storia Piccola
  2. Dio Della Radio
  3. Rimmel
  4. Lei Ballerà
  5. Portami Gi? Al Fiume
  6. Non Ti Dico Ciao
  7. Moira Del Circo
  8. Tre Croci
  9. Hallelujah Joe
  10. Non Ci Puoi Fare Niente
  11. Augusto (Cantaci Di Noi)
  12. Via Emilia
  13. Sparando Alla Luna

Lost and Found: Songs for the Rocking Chairs (2002)Edit

Graziano Romani - Lost and Found- Songs for the Rocking Chairs

Lost and Found: Songs for the Rocking Chairs

  1. Absolutely Free
  2. Bang Your Head Against the Wall
  3. Late for the Sky
  4. Drifter's Heart
  5. Kiss My Soul
  6. Revolution Blues
  7. The Blood Red Bond of Love
  8. Tough to Stand Still
  9. Angel You
  10. Love, Reign O'er Me?
  11. Hang On to This Dream
  12. Cold Hard Cash
  13. Ride This Train

Up in Dreamland (2003)Edit

Graziano Romani - Up in Dreamland

Up in Dreamland

  1. Let's Come Alive
  2. Face the World
  3. Every Road I Travel
  4. Frankie
  5. Another Day
  6. Jezebel
  7. Que Pasa Loco Baby?
  8. Shine Your Light
  9. Where Do We Go From Here
  10. Mother of Violence
  11. The Bridges You Burn
  12. Don't Close Your Eyes
  13. Up in Dreamland

Painting Over Rust (2004)Edit

Graziano Romani - Painting Over Rust

Painting Over Rust

  1. Painting Over Rust
  2. Brave Enough
  3. When Our Souls Ignite
  4. Lonely as a Cloud
  5. King of the Brokenhearted
  6. Tears in My Beer
  7. Oh Beautiful One
  8. In the Quest for a Good Time
  9. Get Together Soon
  10. Lead Me On, Saint Jude
  11. From Our Hands
  12. Faithless Times
  13. Thirteen

Songs from CompilationsEdit

  1. The Promise from the compilation Light Of Day: A Tribute To Bruce Springsteen (2003)

Other SongsEdit

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  1. Back Against The Wall
  2. Caravan
  3. C'è solo l'Inter
  4. C'è solo l'Inter - Versione Strumentale
  5. Christmas With The Yours
  6. Crazy Love
  7. Downtown Train
  8. Follow That Dream
  9. Is Anybody There?
  10. Like A Rolling Stone
  11. No Connections
  12. Not Fade Away
  13. Queen Of Hearts
  14. Something You Got
  15. Stolen Car
  16. The Tears Of A Clown
  17. Ti Voglio
  18. True Blue
  19. Up On The Roof

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