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The World Will Die In Flames

This song is by Graveworm and appears on the album Fragments Of Death (2011).

The world
The world
The world
The world will die in flames

Time has come to rage insanity
Inside the storm
Arrive at the edge of the world

Fall into the land of passion
No more resistance
Slaughter their innocent souls
Kill their tortured minds

Kill their tortured minds

We're sealing our own identity
Screaming souls that we will never hear
Just one shot to go to hell
There will be no more lies to tell

One, two, three, four, five

Where slaughter means a famous victory
We're all obsessed to be their destiny
Death devour our souls and minds
Just fight and die for our glorious time

I have seen the future
I have been the past
I brought the terror
I am your new god

Take me away from this torment
Drown into the dark
Tears of blood from suffering souls

The world will collapse in pieces
Rape your breath
Prepare to kill the human kind
The world will die in flames

The world will die in flames