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Living Nightmare

This song is by Graveworm and appears on the album Fragments Of Death (2011).

They take the soul and our faith
Enemies raped our lives
Through hell we march again
And back

A false belief and a liar
Prophets of forbidden land
A pain so real and near
The end has just begun

Pain, hate, fear, and death
They share the soul of every human kind
Fire, strength, torment, and scare
Their blood flows like raindrops from the sky

The sky will fall and crush
Hope, gone far away
Everything seems so lost
God is dead

Their torments rise again
Demons, angels of death
Before my faith turns to dust
I will stand in hell

It's never late to kill a life
Choose not to see the death at your side
It's like a war in my fucking head
We fight to die, I am your nightmare

Pain, hate, fear, and death
The time has come, resistance's here at last
Fire, strength, torment, and scare
I will destroy your lies and sins

Walk the line of the death
Swallow their lies
Through darkness I have been
Keep me going on and on

For all the pain you caused
Lost, what I've never had
Until the end of life
You will burn inside

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