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This song is by Graves At Sea and appears on the split album Graves at Sea / Sourvein (2014) by Graves At Sea and Sourvein.

Bless me father for I have sinned.
First and foremost for giving in.
What I have come to understand
Misfortune came by my own hand.

Do as I say, not as I've done.
What I've become must be undone.
All the loss that I've endured.
Faither is a sickness and I am cured.

So many promises fallen through.
My hatred grew every day for you.
A thousand drugs for a thousand highs
About which I told a thousand lies.
The cursed thoughts within my head.
The cursed things that I have said.
Of all the ways to behave like scum
All the temptations to which I've succumb.

Forgive me mother for I have sinned.
I can't decide where to begin.
The boy you riased is now a ghost.
You've been the one I've hurt the most.
The sleepless nights full of concern.
Knowing now trust is something earned.
Disappointing in every way.
A new excuse every single day.
Despite the chances that I have had.
I'm a worthless son and a worthless dad.
A careless lover to all I've fucked.
And to all my bastards I wish the best of luck.

For all I've borrowed and all I've stole
Please have mercy upon my soul.
I know this apology isn't much.
I know I curse everything I touch.

Treating life just like a gam.
Every scar on my arm, another badge of shame.
How the years seem to fly by
Walking this crooked line till the day I die...

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