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Betting on Black

This song is by Graves At Sea and appears on the split album Graves at Sea / Sourvein (2014) by Graves At Sea and Sourvein.

Remove from me your love
And fill your life with needless things.
Forget about my fear
And turn the clocks backward.
My days are growing long... Too long.

I know the sweetest bliss
Is brought by the needles kiss.
Sit down and enjoy the thrill,
The way we play every chambers filled.
Roll the dice one by one.
Self medication has begun.
Thinking I kn ow what it's all about,
As I rot from the inside out.

Pay to play.
You lose every time.
You're born into a world of shit
And then you die.

Voices like thunder come,
Life is a symptom.
Giving up, letting go
Is the only way I know.
Crashing on broken wings,
What pleasure failure brings.
As my lips pass my final breath,
I think of you and welcome death.

And for these things I've left undone.
For the moon and for the sun.
Light a fire on sea and sky
And salt the earth where my body may lie.

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