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Pit Of Snakes

This song is by Gravediggaz and appears on the album The Pick, The Sickle & The Shovel (1997).

The pit, the pit (Oh my!)
Yo, 1, 2
Dun dunna dunna dun.
All y'all mentally dead muthafuckas.
We come to break y'all some information and resurrect you
From the mentality of fool in this.
Yo, yo.

We come away and chop the heads of these snakes
It's better off they dyin' in a pit fulla snakes
Mistake inside your self, that be the first head you take
It's better off you dyin' in a pit fulla snakes

The marijuana got my karma glowin'
Gold armor, surround my body
I'm reachin' a high state of nirvana
But wanna chop and imitate
To bite, the livin' spirits
Golden livin' tablets
Transmitted by the Abbot
Blood related king to King David's mighty men
I appear in the atmosphere like nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon
Helium, xenon, argon, neon, freon, be gone
I travel beyond
The range where sick sounds grave
You can't respond
Dynamic semantics makes your mind go frantic
Hand picked Gods
Razor sharp be my standard
Breakin from bondage and white garments
Eye ball as black as onyx
Hair gonna grow as long as a comet's tail
Escape from Hell
Watch the Gods be real
What makes rain and hail, snow and earthquakes?
Goin' through crisis, or mad devices
I thought girls was made of sugar and spices
Always wanted to fuck 'em like Isis
While others bow down, Percival, Cyrus
I'm inside my lab stabbin rhymes on black papyrus
Your weight couldn't measure a snow flake
How you gonna shine on a God while you rotate
I dislocate your head, your neck, your back, your legs, your kneecap
Back smack your ass bitch
And splatter your gall bladder
My mathematical data
Terror far beyond the stars of William Shatner
The rattler can't deport on my speed of thought
Then escape New York in East London or import

Stronger currents than my brains runnin' rapid
Hereditary practice pierce hoes through metal jackets
War commander Niggas get caught up in the exhaust pipe
Get the frost right or suffer frost bite
Isle of the King Maniac barbarian, sort of Romanian
Underground, subterranean
Five stepper grandson of Nefar The rest of y'all heffers,
Thimble Y'all resembled Uncle Fester
God biding escape Through telepathic gates
Integrate, causin one mind to elevate
Stagnate competition, like an earthquake
Causin the earth to shake On release day, diggin more graves
Master 4 tay or black cherries block
Freshly picked out the cemetery, bear the plot

(Grym Reaper)
Yo, projectiles lace the project ailes
Organic, saw panic when I wreck shit and smile
With more props than New York City got blocks
I cripple your whole knot till your air drip of snot
First encounter of Hell, is facin Grym
Lacin human shells with radiation until cell mutation begins
To permeate flesh
Like skins bein pressed And barb wire, steel mesh
As 200 nerve endings record the pain
I cut like the Wu-Tang sword hittin the brain
The main issue for invasion of your brain tissue
Is your dismissal, nigga I reign official
I lack fear like a black bear Slash your chest area open
And have the whole world soakin within your hemoglobin
Then blast, your lyrics be on face and astrophysics
You couldn't be your ... if you were Noriega's chemist
Bustin' the mic like Brooklyn fire hydrants in the summer
Bangin' like a Forerunner
Lyrically my formula is C-4 to the third power
Of ice, fire, and water
This equation causes manslaughter Torture upon the microphone
With the type of poem
The strikes like a poem with a baseball bat
Why waste the track, I'm better than all of that!

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