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6 Feet Deep (1995)Edit

Gravediggaz - 6 Feet Deep

6 Feet Deep

  1. Just When You Thought It Was Over (Intro) (featuring Pedro Sime, Robert Robinson, Don McKenzie, Stephanie Jackson, Michael Preston, Dave Warner, Brother Rich, Ethan Ryman and Tim Wright)
  2. Constant Elevation
  3. Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide (featuring Kurious, Don McKenzie and Gerald Whaley)
  4. Defective Trip (Trippin') (featuring Biz Markie and MC Serch)
  5. 2 Cups Of Blood
  6. Blood Brothers
  7. 360 Questions (featuring Derrick Lovelace, Eddie Berkeley, Djinji Brown, Vernon Reid and Hellrazor)
  8. 1-800 Suicide (featuring KRS-One and Scott Harding)
  9. Pass The Shovel (European Release)
  10. Diary Of A Madman (featuring Scientific Shabazz and Killah Priest)
  11. Mommy, What's A Gravedigga? (featuring Goldie Locks and Donyell O. Thomas)
  12. Bang Your Head
  13. Here Comes The Gravediggaz
  14. Graveyard Chamber (featuring Shabazz, Killah Priest and Dreddy Kruger)
  15. Death Trap (featuring Masta Ace)
  16. 6 Feet Deep
  17. Rest In Peace (Outro) (featuring Biz Markie, Brother Rich, Dave Warner, Don McKenzie, Ethan Ryman, I-Roc, Michael Preston, Pedro Sime and Robert Robinson)

The Pick, The Sickle & The Shovel (1997)Edit

Gravediggaz - The Pick, the Sickle & the Shovel

The Pick, the Sickle & the Shovel

  1. Intro
  2. Dangerous Mindz
  3. Da Bomb
  4. Unexplained
  5. Twelve Jewelz
  6. Fairytalez
  7. Never Gonna Come Back
  8. Pit Of Snakes
  9. The Night The Earth Cried
  10. Elimination Process
  11. Repentance Day
  12. Hidden Emotions
  13. What's Goin' On
  14. Deadliest Biz
  15. Outro

Nightmare In A-Minor (2002)Edit

Gravediggaz - Nightmare in A-Minor

Nightmare in A-Minor

  1. Mike Check Intro: Prince Paul (Skit)
  2. Bloodshed
  3. False Things Must Perish
  4. Last Man Standing (Skit)
  5. Killing Fieldz
  6. Burn Baby Burn
  7. Wanna Break
  8. God Vs Devil
  9. Zig Zag Chamber
  10. Today's Mathematics
  11. Running Game On Real
  12. East Coast-Vs-West Coast (Skit)
  13. Rest In Da East
  14. Guard Ya Shrine
  15. Nightmare In A-Minor
  16. End Of Da World
  17. Man Only Fears
  18. Universal Shout Outs (Skit)
  19. Da Crazies (Skit)
  20. Better Wake Up
  21. Current Events

6 Feet Under (2004)Edit

Gravediggaz - 6 Feet Under

6 Feet Under

  1. Six Feet Underground
  2. Big Shot Dead
  3. Know What I Mean?
  4. What's Wrong With You
  5. A Strong Woman
  6. Rough Enough
  7. What's the Meaning?
  8. Gotta Stay Strong
  9. Home of the Brave
  10. Players' Theme
  11. Burn in Hell
  12. Break What?
  13. Alone in the Graveyard
  14. Barking Up the Wrong Tree
  15. I Understand That

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