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High Or Low

This song is by Granian and appears on the album Without Change (1996).

High or Low, I've played those games
I watch the tide deeply insane
dunes of sand in the glittered sun
she walked right by contagious and stunned

Removed from the doubts about my,
removed from the doubts about me,
removed from the doubts about my God,
all your doubts about me

spend your time, left behind,
shine your soul and look you'll find,
can you believe it has become real?
read aloud, words connect the people

watch her soul as she drifts away
she glides with the wind as her body lay

can you see all of the other things been left there on the side?
can you feel that when the day comes i'll be in that state of mind?
but i'd never let the sun beat down, move right on down the line,
high or low, not this time

To love is the right,
to love is the right,
to love is the right ,
to love is the right of every man

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